The Doctor is in - A view of incontinence from a practitioner

By Dr. Erik Viirre, MD, PhD

Dr. Viirre specializes in neurology at UC San Diego Health and served as the medical and technical director of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition.

Loss of control in life is a terrible feeling. Loss of control of your bladder is even worse. It deteriorates your social life, your clothes and even your skin. Worse, from a medical point of view it is a risk for infection. Rare serious medical diseases can lead to urinary incontinence, but for most, it is an effect of changes in the floor of the pelvic muscles in women and restriction of the flow passages in men. It is a very common condition, as one can see in the drugstore or grocery store… all those packages are there because people are buying them. Even as a physician, it is a problem that is a bit squeamish to talk about, so how do we talk about this problem and get help in the real world?

Freezya has come up with a friendly, reliable and convenient way to get people what they need on a monthly basis. By answering a few simple questions securely online, Freezya will recommend the appropriate quantities and types of products that are best for you and deliver these directly to your door. More important, the online service and their social channels can connect you to answers to problems, get tips about the medical management of incontinence and provide you with emotional support – so people suffering from this condition know they are not alone. As a physician, I know about medical discussions and management of problems like urinary incontinence, but I also know through family, friends and people in our community, we all (including Men!) need help with a topic that’s difficult to talk about.