Launch Day Is Approaching

We sat down with our Co-Founders, Gioia and Dian, to get the scoop on what it really takes to build an empire around urinary incontinence.

Favorite moment at Freezya so far?

Gioia Messinger: Sitting in a room together at 7am a few days before launch day! After months of development and sourcing great products, all of a sudden we are about to unleash Freezya to the world! It’s just 2 women, our Dev team in Argentina, our Marketing and Ops team in San Diego and two dogs, waiting to see what happens and how people will react to our new concept. It’s thrilling, nerve-wracking, and empowering all at the same time. Welcome to the world Freezya!

Dian Stewart: Walking into our warehouse after our 1st shipment of product arrived. OMG!! This is really happening!

Most unexpected challenge in getting Freezya off the ground?
Finding the right manufacturing, shipping and logistics partners. We want to make sure our customers love our products and that everything about our customer experience is superb.

DS: Changing the way we talk about underwear and other products for incontinence.

Who is the unsung hero of Freezya so far?
GM: There are so many! Definitely our manufacturing partner that believed in us being able to pull this off. And all of our early supporters.

DS: Our Manufacturer’s Regional Director for taking a chance on us. Gioia, for going with a non-techno, unsexy idea and running with it. Our Ops team for wearing the products and reporting back their test results.

Where would you have to see Freezya to know you’ve made it?
In Lada Gaga’s bathroom.

DS: I would not need to see… but overhear a random conversation between two busy women casually bragging about this new service concept that saves them time and embarrassment by delivering incontinence products to their parent’s door. Woohoo we made it!

Who is your dream Freezya user?
GM: Meryl Streep. Judy Dench. Jane Fonda. Lily Tomlin. Martina Navratilova. Serena Williams. George Clooney. Lionel Messi. My dad and mom, if they were alive.

DS: All my friends parents!

What’s one class you wish you had taken in college or Business School?
GM: Operations research. I should’ve paid more attention to Solver and the knapsack 3-D optimization problem during my sophomore year computer algorithms class. I did take those classes, but haven’t used those concepts in years. Obviously it took some relearning for this project. Yikes!

DS: Product branding and Social Media Marketing.

Favorite thing to do when not working on Freezya?
GM: Cooking in my new Big Green Egg. Riding my Vespa to the beach. Spin Cycle morning mania. Trying a new hole-in-the-wall Mexican or Asian restaurant. Hiking the foothills behind my house.

DS: Going to the movies and ordering a big tub of popcorn all to myself. A long walk on beautiful South Cardiff State Beach. Coffee and cranberry almond scone at Thyme in the Ranch. Hitting the Leucadia Farmer’s market on Sunday mornings and deciding what meals will feature the coming week.

Favorite power snack?
GM: A square (or two) of Chuao Chocolatier Firecracker chocolate bar and a glass of fresh squeezed OJ.

DS: VG’s chocolate old fashion donut or a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips. Salty or sweet – I’m there.

What’s next for Freezya?
GM: Grow our subscriber base and ensure that our customers love our product and services.

DS: Senior living communities, here we come!