A Step Towards Our Mission

A few days ago we reached an important milestone in the short history of Freezya.   One of our philanthropic goals, at Freezya, is to partner with local organizations to donate Freezya products to those who couldn’t otherwise afford them. We believe every subscription we sell has a purpose. Through each on-line purchase, Freezya helps provide wellness and dignity for people in need who are forced to choose between incontinence products and food and shelter. 

Last Thursday we made our first delivery of incontinence products to the folks at Serving Seniors, a San Diego-based nonprofit with an outstanding reputation for providing impactful programs and services to older adults living in poverty.  More than 85% of Serving Senior’s clients live below the Federal Poverty Level and struggle to meet basic needs. Living on less than $1,000/month and paying $750 in rent leaves just a few dollars a day to pay for food, medication, transportation and other expenses.  We are proud to have partnered with such an outstanding organization allowing us to make a small contribution to improving these people’s lives.

There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations throughout the country that serve seniors in need.   Our partnership with Serving Seniors is just the beginning. As our subscriber base grows, we will partner with organizations in every state we serve. Help us accomplish our mission. Subscribe to Freezya today!

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